About us

And our company

Teztarar is a private operated lead generation Company, in business to serve residents, tourists and business professionals in your area. Being proud to be a pioneer in lEAD GENERATION, our first priority is YOU, the friendly customer. We believe, in this business there’s still a human element needed to serve with intentions best to never lose sight of customer. The advancement in technology sure has made its mark, but is nothing, if they don’t value customers with real expectations. So handling all too well with our humble experience, latest technology and trust of polite professionals we strive together with exceptional outcome.

Only best cars

We care about riders comfort

Our exquisite cars provide luxurious and spacious seating, not to mention a classy ride. Our vehicles will arrive to pick you up in immaculate condition to provide the optimal ride.

Only best services

Wherever you have to go

Everyone from kids to grandparents can ride our taxi with assurance without worries of falling asleep. We never bias in this aspect because safety never will be compromised. Besides, you are free to chat to our always helpful friendly driver to actually socialise to make your journey enjoyable.

Cheap isn’t good and good isn’t cheap

When looking for the right transportation service in the Rahim Yar Khan area for you and your passengers, you are likely to want to select a services that offers dependable services, luxurious accommodations and affordable rate. We specialize in all three of these areas.